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Fair Accounting Practices

Accounting, as they say, is the language of business. Accounting is that one activity on which entire business revolves around. A good and fair accounting practice can set the reputation of a business while bad practices could spoil it. Let’s look into some of the best accounting practices that hold the key to success.


The image of the company is often reflected in the way invoicing is handled. A comprehensive invoice template will contain the essential components such as name and address of the company selling the product or service, buyer’s name and address, shipment details, amount of transaction involved, terms and conditions etc. The 3 basics of good invoicing practice include clarity, convenience and accuracy.


Credit is perhaps the most unavoidable burden every business has to carry on its back in order to ensure larger turnover. However, not all customers pay up as we expect them to, and debt collection becomes a major activity to get back the dues. Although this activity is quite tricky, a better tactic and approach can help you succeed in collections. Always adopt proven strategies that ensure timely and consistent inflow of cash.

The well known business houses are known for best debt collection practices in order to ensure their business image is neither affected nor taken for granted.

Bad checks

A bad check or bounced check carries many headaches along with it. Although issuing bad check or checks which do not have sufficient funds against the account is illegal and the person can be punished, it becomes a hurdle for your in flow of cash. A check guarantee company could come in handy to keep away the risks attached to accepting a check. Here a sum on the face value is guaranteed and you are at the least risk.

Account factoring

Dealing with outstanding invoice is one of the biggest headaches for businesses, and merchant account factoring is one bail out option everyone is keen to hold on to. Here, you’ll be selling your outstanding invoices to the company thus transferring your headache too.

This company will in turn collect the outstanding amount from the concerned by employing its own resources. This saves your time, effort and resource usage.

Financial reporting

This is the most crucial activity in every business not just to analyze its own performance but also to compare it with the competitors. The benchmark ensures that the principles, regulations and standards are followed while preparing the financial report of a company. It also acts as a guide to those who wish to invest on a particular business.

These simple and useful practices ensure that your business sails through the competition pretty consistently.



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